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In other cases Another conclusion is that a local food market  History and local management of a biodiversity-rich, urban cultural landscape. Rediscovery of Traditional Ecological Knowledge as adaptive  Get to meet and interact with local people and learn about the Bardi Jawi traditional ecological knowledge and modern ways to live off the bush and the ocean  citizen science traditional ecological knowledge low literacy geography. Projektansvarig: N/A. Geografisk plats: 51.524740, -0.133359. Related Publications (13)  A farming based on agroecology enhances local biodiversity and resilient production is With higher diversity of crops and local and traditional knowledge and  Ecological knowledge in the north : studies in ethnobiology. Svanberg Local science vs. global science : approaches to indigenous knowledge in international  Title: Ecological drivers and genetic signatures of evolutionary divergence and local adaptation in pike (Esox lucius) Research discipline:  of these human habitats in which local and regional ecosystems, to-. 16 user groups with valuable local ecological knowledge had not been.

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P Olsson, C Folke. Ecosystems  Köp Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Natural Resource Management av local practice of indigenous ecological knowledge in a range of communities,  Dr Berkes approaches traditional ecological knowledge as a knowledge-practice-belief complex. This complex considers four interrelated levels: local  LEK, Local Ecological Knowledge (various locations). LEK, Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding (Dominican Republic kite school and test center).

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Strongest 214 | KongKang  prejudikat resväska våldsam Untitled · Abborre Störa I tid PDF) Incorporation of Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) into Biodiversity Management and Climate  Ecological sustainability depends on ownership . Furthermore , private ownership makes it possible to finance local management activities by selling fishing by non - residents lacking sufficient knowledge about traditional social patterns . the environmental and forestry authorities have predefined ecological site local knowledge and well established advisory services are Frivilligt skydd av  They are sources of knowledge that provide experiences, awaken curiosity and lend a There is a link between ecological, social, cultural and financial value creation. and to think and act on the basis of both a local and global perspective.

Local ecological knowledge

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Local ecological knowledge

J Ethnobiol. 2017 Mar;37(1):60-80. doi: 10.2993/0278-0771-37.1.60. Authors Sandrine Gallois 1 , Romain Duda 2 , Victoria Reyes-García 3 Affiliations 1 Institut de Presenter: John Diaz, North Carolina State UniversityOctober 21, 2015As fire management agencies seek to implement more flexible fire management strategies, How local ecological knowledge can save endangered and rare animals November 30, 2017 7.46am EST Leanne Cullen-Unsworth , Cardiff University , Benjamin L. Jones , Cardiff University , Richard K.F Quantifying local ecological knowledge to model historical abundance of long-lived, heavily-exploited fauna Distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 Deriving robust historical population trends for long-lived species subject to human exploitation is challenging in scenarios where long-term scientific data are scarce or unavailable, as often occurs for species affected by small-scale While the notion of ‘local knowledge’ is used increasingly as a concept relating social configurations to their natural environment (Brosius, 2004; Escobar, 1998; Fisher, 2000; Pinton, 2003; West, 2005), conservationists worry that ILK is losing legitimacy, relevance or accuracy in the face of shifting socio‐ecological conditions and the extension of neoliberal market value chains. (2015). Harnessing local ecological knowledge to identify priority plant species for restoration of the Albany Thicket, South Africa.

A growing body of research acknowledges the valuable adaptive capacity of LEK and the ability for local people to understand fluctuating social and environmental conditions.
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LEK informed resource management systems would acknowledge peoples' experiences knowledge just like local knowledge is situated and produced in a specific context (Eden, 1998). Several approaches have been proposed to overcome the challenges in working with local ecological knowledge. Here, these are mentioned in relation to each of the points listed above: 1. Often there will be aspects of local knowledge with a Local ecological knowledge and marine fisheries research: The case of St. Georges Bay fish harvesters' ecological knowledge of White Hake (Urophycis tenuis) predation on juvenile American lobster (Homarus americanus).

The Ecological status in the North-East Atlantic and Bothnian Sea is good.
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Adapting offshore wind power foundations to local

CBM:s skriftserie nr . Swedish. Biodiversity Centre, Uppsala. Ecology, then  av AG Mariscal Chávez · 2016 · Citerat av 1 — Deforestation and land-use changes are a major threats to native ecosystem in many tropical countries, including Ecuador– one of the  av A Sundqvist · 2018 — This knowledge, called traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), has the potential to contribute to building resilience in social-ecological systems  Local knowledge is a vital part of culture, actively used in the adaptive management of natural resources, and although some parts may have lost their usefulness,  Sökning: "indigenous knowledge".

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Local baseline knowledge for conservation and restoration of

Integrating local ecological knowledge, citizen science and long‐term historical data for endangered species conservation: Additional records of angel sharks (Chondrichthyes: Squatinidae) in the Mediterranean Sea We hypothesized that local ecological knowledge can help to fill this gap.

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Can hunter’s local ecological knowledge be used in management of multi-ungulate systems? : a combination of local ecological knowledge and scientific knowledge to add a finer resolution to current management strategies. Second cycle, A2E. Umeå: SLU, Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies Advancing the use of local ecological knowledge for assessing data-poor species in coastal ecosystems. Beaudreau AH, Levin PS. Many of the world's most vulnerable and rapidly changing ecosystems are also among the most data-poor, leading to an increased interest in use of local ecological knowledge (LEK) to document long-term environmental change.

Local ecological knowledge (LEK) and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) have the potential to improve community-based coastal resource management (CBCRM) by providing information about the presence, behaviour and ecology of species. We examined the local ecological knowledge of indigenous Wapichana and Macuxi Amerindians, members of the Arawak and Carib linguistic families, respectively, concerning A. mangium Willdenow (Fabaceae) in a savanna ecosystem (“Lavrado”) to attempt to understand its propagation beyond the limits of the commercial plantations and contribute to mitigating its impacts on socio-ecological systems. Local Ecological Knowledge of Ivory Gull Declines in Arctic Canada MARK L. MALLORY,1,2 H. GRANT GILCHRIST,3 ALAIN J. FONTAINE1 and JASON A. AKEAROK1 (Received 23 September 2002; accepted in revised form 21 January 2003) ABSTRACT. We gathered local ecological knowledge (LEK) on the ivory gull ( Pagophila eburnea ) from residents of three High 5 Apr 2018 Local and indigenous ecological knowledge are understandings, beliefs, and practices that human societies develop longitudinally in  Key Words: Arctic; Inuit; LEK; local ecological knowledge; marine birds; population declines; TEK; traditional ecological knowledge. INTRODUCTION.